It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Eric Lewis. I’ve known him for 18 years during my tenure as a Derse Account Executive (2000-2018). In Eric’s role as Derse Dallas Divisional Vice President, I would rank him as one of the best managers for whom I’ve ever worked. Eric distinguishes himself by always being approachable, collaborative and innovative.  He supported my effort to both win and execute large client projects, all the while balancing the needs and profitability of the division.  I would classify his managerial style as confident, decisive and “coach-like” to his team of employees. I would describe his client facing style as engaging, personable, knowledgeable, trustworthy and sincere.
Eric is highly intelligent and has superb interpersonal, analytical and communication skills. His professionalism translates to both employees and clients. In my opinion, he would be an extremely positive asset to any company seeking improvement with their F2F / Tradeshow Marketing programs.
If I can assist further, please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address or at the cell listed below.


Jann Taylor

Senior Account Executive – Derse, Inc. (Retired)
(702) 289-0009

Working with Mr. Lewis has been a professional pleasure.  Eric and I had worked together for a period of 16 years from 2003 to 2019.   From the first meeting to the last, Eric treated me and others with respect even in times it wasn’t absolutely deserved.   He always maintained the highest level of professionalism.  His accolades are well deserved through the years he led the Dallas division to the “Big Dog” award for highest profitability.  The award may be received once on a fluke.  The number of times the award was given to Eric was no fluke.  He leads his people with compassion and forethought.  He led the sales and operation of a highly successful division. 

On a personal note, Eric welcomed me to the company immediately and offered an ear any time I needed it.  I took him up on it many times and he never hesitated.  He is a great person as well as a great leader.  I have seen him tested and his morals never faltered.    

Eric is one of the people I look up to professionally and personally. 

Tom Steng

President – NBD
Georgia Bonded
D/ (770) 627-4636
C/ (770) 317-2896

I have had the privilege of knowing Eric for over ten years. Three of those years I reported to him at Derse. Throughout my 30 year career in the trade show industry, I have known few individuals who have an in-depth understanding of the industry as Eric. He constantly challenges conventional wisdom and seeks innovative solutions for optimal results. His knowledge of exhibit fabrication is second to none. Under his leadership, Derse Dallas consistently grew top line revenue while reducing cost of sales without compromising the quality of the fabrication or the level of service. Aside from his technical expertise and industry knowledge, he has a high degree of integrity and is always candid and honest. Eric will definitely get results and improve the ROI of your Tradeshow Program or Marketing Environment.

Gerry Hyzy

Director of Operations – Baresque
C/ (512) 496-5118

I had the great pleasure to work directly with Eric Lewis within the Executive ranks of Derse, Inc. from 2003 until 2016.  For most of this time I held an equivalent rank of Divisional Vice President of two different divisions while Eric was at the helm of the Dallas Division.  During that time, I witnessed Eric at his finest.  In fact, he and I were nearly tied over those years as having the most profitable divisions, with many of the other divisions lagging considerably behind the financial results that Eric was able to achieve.  He was a strong leader who pushed his team hard through very trying times as during the recession of 2007-2009, with minimal reduction in his team, sales or net income – far above average for others in our industry.
Eric was also very strong in driving his client centric sales teams in particular.  It was well known throughout our organization that Eric was charged with managing and mentoring some of the most difficult sales executives within our organization.  In my own experience, managing large volume sales executives in a “Sales is King” environment is no small task and Eric shouldered and carried the load at all times, without sacrificing the needs of smaller AE’s or clients.
Eric and I shared the bond of coming up the ranks through Operations.  I saw the loyalty, wisdom and experience he brought to his team both in the division as well as in the field.  His team was fiercely loyal to him, and their shared goals, as can only happen under a leader with his Transformational Leadership skills
If you are considering hiring Eric, regardless of the capacity, you will see for yourselves the wealth of knowledge and leadership Eric brings to the table.  In short, Eric is one of the finest Executive/Operational leaders in the entire Face to Face Marketing Industry.

Kenneth Aden-Buie

(Previously Divisional Vice President: Chicago and Atlanta Divisions, Derse, Inc.)
Owner, SeaGlass Homes, LLC
C/ (847) 212-1859

Eric Lewis and I worked together during the peak years of Derse, Inc.  Eric was the Vice President General Manager of Derse’s Dallas Operation and successfully led a strong Sales and Operating team. My role was Executive Vice President and I was responsible for all 6 operating facilities.  Eric had an eye for cost controls, workflow management and overall team leadership as the Dallas plant successfully supported shows across the country.

Gregg Weber

Plant President, RS Milwaukee
C/ 262.434.0998

As both a former employee and, more recently, a client, it is my great pleasure to recommend Eric Lewis.  Eric is a hard-working, motivated, charismatic, and reliable professional. His honesty, dependability, confidence, and excellent communication skills have helped him become highly respected by his colleagues and subordinates.  His enthusiastic, optimistic attitude is contagious and serves to motivate and energize those around him. He is a natural leader who possesses both superb problem-solving skills as well as exceptional team-building skills.  I am pleased to recommend him for any kind of demanding project that requires strong leadership and project management.

Al Colquitt

Customer Engagement Manager
Electrification business
ABB Inc.
C/ 940-368-6794

I had the pleasure of working closely with Eric for over five years at a large experiential agency where he was responsible for the single largest division within the company. Whether we were developing a fully integrated global experiential campaign or resolving a client issue related to a single trade show, I could always count on Eric’s attentive and cooperative attitude and expertise to find the best solution. With decades of experience, he is a true industry professional adept in every facet of production and show management, with a client-first perspective. In an ever-changing industry, working with Eric led to predictable – and positive – outcomes, every time.

Drew Dungan

Founder + Managing Director
Collective Group Ltd.
C / (313) 683-1977

I had the honor of working with Eric when I decided to take a step back in my career & wanted to dive into something I could really embrace, where my interpersonal strengths would be best utilized. Eric quickly identified me as having a greater skill set than the position I accepted, and he didn’t hesitate to extend my job responsibilities beyond that of the office receptionist. Seeing the value in his people is easily one of Eric’s strongest personal traits. He recognizes those dedicated to their work, he supports & encourages those who are looking to advance, and he remains engaged in every aspect of the projects within his organization. Eric is not one to sit idly by being a spectator; he is involved, engaged & committed to everything that he puts his mind to. Eric’s got an honest & forward approach that is admirable and often lost in the corporate world of today, and that’s always something I appreciated about working with him. Moving on from Derse was among the hardest career changes I’ve ever had, in great part because it meant leaving behind a VP & General Manager that I respected, valued for his wealth of experience – both in the business world & life experiences in general, and appreciated as a friend. Eric would be an incredible asset to any company for his dedication & passion alone, but when partnered with his ambitious spirit and willingness to think outside the box, you’ve got a sure-fire win in your corner.

Crystal (Paltza) Rodarte

Marketing Operations Specialist at Norwex
C / (972) 849-9266

Eric was a joy to work with at Derse.  He is thorough, accountable and professional.  Not only does he maintain a high level of work ethic within his own division, but he also has a willingness to help his direct reports and peers.  You can always count on Eric to keep a positive, refreshing attitude while exceeding expectations in his division.  He is truly an asset as an employee and a friend!

Tony Andrews

Senior Project Manager – Derse Dallas
C/ (262) 327-4690